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The ProMosaik Singapore branch specialises in translations of historical texts. The experienced history translators of ProMosaik Translation have undergone a rigorous selection process and have proven experience in this field. Translating a historical text requires extreme precision and attention to detail. Historical texts contain numerous information, numerical data, acronyms and geographical indications requiring a precise reproduction in the target language and the knowledge of clearly defined editorial rules.

The word history comes from the Greek term ἱστορία (istoría), which means “research, investigation” and in particular “knowledge gained through investigation”. Historical research stands for a systematic analysis of our past by examining testimonies, sources, findings and documents and describing events in chronological order. Through the narration of events, you strengthen the awareness of historical heritage and at the same time the awareness of our actual situation. Understanding history, our origins and our progress enables us to shape our future and enables us to learn from the mistakes we did in history.

The historian applies a rigorous method and analyses the most truthful and accurate written, oral, iconographic, or mute sources. History seeks the truth. To do this, it is necessary to focus on countless statements of centuries by identifying the most reliable sources. Through a critical and analytical approach, the historian explains and discusses our past.

ProMosaik Translation offers translations of historical texts of any kind. In particular, the texts we deal with refer to the following historical periods and areas: prehistory, antiquity, medieval history, modern history, contemporary history, political history, social history, military history, economic history, religious history, natural history, art history, human history and history of the universe, historiography, archaeology, palaeontology.

We translate various kinds of historical texts for our clients from/into more than 80 languages: historical sources, diaries, historical research papers, articles, diploma theses and dissertations, newspaper articles, inscriptions, magazines, captions, descriptive documents, labels for findings. We also offer proofreading and localization of websites on historical topics.

Our professional translators are excellently trained in both linguistics and history: Most of them studied history at the university and are thus able to carry out high-quality translations for you in this field.

Feel free to ask us for more information about our services and our experts at any time. If you entrust ProMosaik Translation with your project of history translation, we will guarantee maximum accuracy and reliability.


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