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Translating a literary text is a complex and very sensitive matter. Since it is about conveying the message of the author without adulterating or betraying it and at the same time by making it accessible to the recipient, who in many cases belongs to a very different cultural area. Any nuance of the text, the rhythm used and the author’s style have to be “translated” without distortions. To make a comparison the literary text is very different from the technical text which has a special and industry-specific vocabulary, leaving very little room for creativity or imagination. The literary text, however, is completely different. Since in the field of literary translation, a talented translator needs to maintain his balance by using his own creative skills to “translate” the author’s message properly.

Professionalism, competence, a strong sensitivity and a great passion for languages are considered indispensable features for the professional translators at ProMosaik Translation the literature translations are assigned to. Our Singapore office specialises in this field by offering high-quality translation services for your literary projects. Our professionals are native speakers and experts of their working languages and cultures; They have gone through our rigorous selection process and can look back on many years of experience in the field of literary translation. They have extensive knowledge of the literary genres and their development, the different translation techniques and literary criticism, the various textual types and translation approaches. So they are able to express puns, rhymes, rhetorical figures and phrases correctly and plenty of creativity.

At ProMosaik Translation, we are firmly convinced that being familiar with the source languages is not enough, because we have to know the cultures we want to convey through the translation. Lurking behind a language and its forms of expression in particular are customs and traditions and a rich historical heritage. All these historical and cultural expressions reveal a particular mentality and the development of that particular civilization a good translator should necessarily know to achieve a high-quality translation. In addition to the written words, the literary translator must also focus on the “unwritten” aspect hidden between the lines or scenes, namely the emotions, evocations, contexts and atmospheres the reader of the source language is “immersed” into. Exactly these aspects have to be “translated” so that the reader of the target language can experience them in the same way as the reader of the source language does.

For this purpose, the original text must be read, adapted and transformed several times until it reaches the desired shape. The reader of the target language must never have the impression of missing something because exactly the same emotions are awakened in his soul as it is the case for the reader of the source language.

ProMosaik Translation provides you literary text translations of all kinds: novels and short stories, poetry, rhymes, tracts and essays, literary articles for newspapers and magazines, theatre pieces and films, literary websites, subtitles, promotional material, reviews and much more. We also offer editing and proofreading at any level and in any category (form, content, graphic appearance) as well as web editing and transcreations.

Feel free to contact us at any time to know more about our work. We are happy to support you with our dynamic and competent creation of highly-qualitative literary translations.


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